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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – According to a report, more and more people are getting news from Facebook.

A report by the Journalism Project at Pew Research Center says that three in 10 American adults get at least some of their news through the social media site.

According to the study, 78 percent of people who get their news through Facebook say it’s not the main reason why they are on the site, but they notice the news stories while logged on.

In fact, only 34 percent of users “like” a news organization or journalist, suggesting that the news on their feed is coming from their friends.

Users say that entertainment news is the most common type of news they see, followed by people and events in his or her community.

The report says Facebook is the leading social media site for news but Americans also get news from YouTube, Twitter, and Google Plus.

The Pew Research Center says the sharing culture of social media is a major source the news distribution, with 50 percent of all Facebook users having shared or re posted news stories, pictures or videos.

The report also says users who are redirected to a news page from Facebook on average only spend one minute and 41 second per visit as opposed to four minutes and 36 seconds for those who visit  the site directly.

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