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Exploring “The Wisdom We’re Born With”

Photo Credit: John Ostapkovich

Photo Credit: John Ostapkovich

John Ostapkovich John Ostapkovich
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By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia psychologist, author and radio host Dr. Dan Gottlieb is out with a new book, in some ways about his life, but moreover about yours.

At the heart of “The Wisdom We’re Born With” is kindness, often to oneself.

Gottlieb, left a quadriplegic from a car crash decades ago, shares stories of his life and his counseling practice about recognizing the wonder of life, and cutting yourself some slack.

In one vignette, he’s with his daughter.

“We were in the back of a van on a rutted road in South Africa, and we’re bouncing around and I am in agony, but I watched my daughter watching me and I realized there is a difference between pain and suffering, and I felt pain but she was suffering,” Gottlieb says he sees something similar in patients, people whose problems are objectively less than his own, but who trap themselves in harmful routines of buried emotions and self-judgment, reluctant to release their own torment, when relief is there for the seeking.

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