By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A dramatic rescue caught on video – as neighbors move quickly to rescue three children, left unattended and locked inside a burning home.

The video shows neighbors smashing windows and police trying to kick down the door. Eventually, they managed to get to the three children trapped inside, safely pulling them out of the home with smoke still billowing out of the roof.

The daring rescue was caught on cell phone video by a neighbor, Kennesha, who could not believe her eyes, “We seen the little boy at the window waving for help and all the guys in the neighborhood, they all ran up, bust the windows out, run in and grabbed the kid.”

Jared is one of the neighbors who ran in, “There was no fear, I knew kids were in there.”

Jared cut his hand in the process and another neighbor, Tyrone Mitchell, says he used a bat to smash the windows.

Mitchell added, “As long as the kids are safe, we’re safe. That’s all that matters to us.”

The fire broke out around 7 o’clock Thursday evening in the 1700 block of Newkirk Street in North Philadelphia.

According to police, they had to break down the door to get inside. In the meantime, the three children were rushed to the hospital: A 9-year-old boy with cuts to his foot, his 4-year-old brother and 2-year-old sister with smoke inhalation.

What angers the brave neighbors is learning the children were left home alone.

Neighbor, Adeenah Wiler said, “We’re on the news so I can’t really tell you what I think but it’s not right.”

Another neighbor, Keisha Jordan added, “That’s a shame. I hope everyone learns a lesson, don’t leave you children in the house alone because you never know what happens.”

Fortunately, officials tell us the children will make a full recovery. As for the investigation, as of late Thursday night, there was no official word on the exact cause of the fire. Police say, on their end, detectives from the Special Victims Unit, are investigating.

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