By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 29-year-old Philadelphia man has been ordered to stand trial on aggravated assault and other offenses for an allegedly unprovoked attack  in Germantown last October.

The attack was caught on video, which led to the identification and arrest of the suspect, since the victim, 33, is legally blind.  He says he can see only vague shadows and light, and had little to say at the preliminary hearing:

“I don’t know him.  He hit me.  End of story.”

The witness, who was wearing dark glasses and says he had his guide cane with him at the time of the attack, testified that he was knocked out with the first punch and woke up later on the ground.

Prosecutor Whitney Golden says the man is fortunate he didn’t suffer serious injuries.

“Absolutely — he’s on the ground, he is completely defenseless. You can tell on the video he’s not moving and he is just being kicked repeatedly,” she told KYW Newsradio after the hearing.

The defendant told police,” He was on the ground and I continued to kick him.”   But he also says he didn’t know the man was blind and believed the man was part of group that had attacked him the previous month.

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