PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall talked to Andy Karl, the star of the Broadway production of “Rocky,” Wednesday morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

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“When I first heard about the auditions, I laughed. Should I bring in a slab of meat and some jump rope? I thought it was going to be sarcastic, but then I went back and watched the movie and read the script, and it’s so beautiful. It was shot in such an indie film sort of way. The acting is really beautiful. The story has all this dignity and pride and big hearts,” Karl said.

And Karl feels he understands the connection that the story has for the city of Philadelphia.

“It’s this great dignity that Rocky, this down and out guy, he was nowhere, he was poor…doesn’t win very much, he’s on the outs…he gets this golden opportunity, and that’s what it’s all about. What do you do with this amazing opportunity you are given? Do you take it to the limit and climb the top of the stairs and get there and make yourself powerful, or do you let it go and slip out of your fingers? Rocky [takes] what is given to [him] and goes the extra mile, and pushes the distance, to find the best of [himself], and it brings out the best in everyone around [him],” he said.

In addition, Karl said Sylvester Stallone has supported him and is thrilled with the success they’ve seen so far.

“He loves it. He’s been having a great time. He obviously wrote this thing, so it’s very close to his heart…He’s also passing on a few things that are very interesting for me — he’s shown me how he’s thrown punches from his shoulder.”

According to Karl, the theatre has been specifically designed to simulate the experience of attending championship fight.

“When this ring comes down, it’s like people are sitting in Madison Square Garden watching this tremendous fight, but it is also a great theatre to have the intimate scenes that we’re doing with me and Adrian. We have to meet and have these small little conversations in the pet shop and these awkward moments that read very well for theatre. You’ll have a great experience if you see this show,” he said.

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