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On Monday February 24th, New Leash on Life will announce a new program entitled, “Saving & Reclaiming Lives.” As a part of this effort, volunteer inmates will train dogs who were originally deemed unadoptable. Upon graduation, these dogs will be donated to veterans suffering with PTSD.

Carefully trained service dogs can make active interventions to mitigate the impact of specific symptoms of PTSD like panic attacks, nightmares, isolation, emotional distance, anger, anxiety, helplessness, fear, and depression in order to break negative patterns of reaction and support the veteran in taking positive actions for recovery.

While these dogs will serve as a gift to a veteran the program serves as a gift to the inmates as well. New Leash on Life USA provides the inmates with workshops to build life skills, cognitive tools, and job readiness; offers paid internships upon parole; and supports a successful transition to life beyond prison with case management.

For more information, visit: www.newleashonlife-usa.org

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