By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Bad news for high school band geeks.

Turns out that what’s true in high school is true in the board room: good looking people are more popular.

According to a study by two professors at the University of Wisconsin, investors assign higher share values to CEOs who are
attractive, that good looking CEOs are paid better than their less attractive counterparts, and that the better looking the CEO, the better they are at undertaking financially successful deals.

Disappointing. At least to those of us who believed that when high school ended, brains would be valued over beauty.

But isn’t it illegal? You can’t actually hire, fire, or pay someone based on how attractive they are right?

Sorry, Poindexter. There’s no law that protects people just because they are unattractive. That said, a boss can’t take negative job action against you for being unattractive if by “unattractive” he or she means “ethnic looking” or old or another quality that is discriminatory.

But, you can have the last laugh – I’m sure that a good personality matters to someone, right?

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