By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eyewitnesses say it felt like a bomb went off – and dozens are still cleaning up after damaging winter thunderstorms blew through the area.

Gemma Pomilio, still recovering from the aftermath of the previous storms, is back on the phone filing more claims.

“I don’t know where to start. There are so many windows and they’re broken, there’s glass everywhere,” Pomilio explained.

Pomilio from the 500 block of Hermit Street in Philadelphia’s Roxborough neighborhood is not alone. Her neighbors spent the day cleaning up and wondering what went wrong.

Jamie Wright rushed home after his girlfriend called him frantically, “She was pretty hysterical. She didn’t know what had happened, felt like a bomb had gone off and blew out the window.”

Guy Porcella added, “20 windows at least out of my house have been broken. Looks like some roof damage to the main roof and certainly the front porch, so a lot of mess to clean up.”

According to PECO, in all, 27 customers lost power in the area. We’re told the power outage was the result of two separate events: First at 10:30am, when a lightning struck a transformer then 20 minutes later at 10:50am, when a tree knocked down power lines.

So the outages can be blamed on those events, but PECO officials maintain the busted windows are not a PECO issue.

Meanwhile for Pomilio, for now, all she wants to know is not who to blame but when this will all just end.

Pomilio explained, “It’s been a tough winter. I’ve never seen anything like this, now with all this devastation, I can’t even believe it.”

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