PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked to contractor Robert Reeves of E. Allen Reeves Inc. this morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the charges filed against three members of the Ironworkers Local 401 alleging they cut steel beams and set fire to a crane in December of 2012 causing over $500,000 of damage to the construction of a Quaker meetinghouse in Chestnut Hill.

Reeves said the union members came onto his jobsite and threatened to sabotage the project because he had not hired enough union members.

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He stated they often choose to hire non-union labor because unions are, “more expensive. I certainly don’t want to be told that I have to do what I do, I do believe this is a free country. We’ve been in business 96 years and we use open shop and union subcontractors, who is ever the lowest responsible bidder. We don’t discriminate against anybody.”

Reeves spoke out about what he said is a continual problem with unions attempting to intimidate contractors into using union labor on projects.

“It’s not just Philadelphia, it is the suburbs. It’s the whole region. There’s a culture of accepting this kind of behavior. It goes beyond the ironworkers. It goes to all the unions. It really goes to the politicians, business people, the professionals, they’ve accepted this and they quietly are fearful and I hope this indictment will have some effect on changing that because it should not be tolerated,” he said.

Somewhat surprised by the indictment against the union, Reeves commented that nothing is usually done about most sabotage and intimidation but said, “This is very serious. I think it’s a big deal. I’m pleased that it’s come to light and I hope others will respond accordingly.”

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