By Ileana Diaz

 PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–President’s Day usually means school is out, but today students are up early and in class, whether they like it or not.

One student says, “I was pretty upset.” His classmate adds, “It kind of stinks.”

Tyler Miles is a fifth grader who had other plans today.

“I was kind of sad because we were planning on going to breakfast, but now only my dad and sister are going to go.”

St. Albert the Great is one of many schools making up for this year’s snow days. The principal says they’ve had more days off than ever before.

“I was afraid we could get more days off and I thought we should take away the closest holiday.”

By law, schools are required to be open 180 days in the school year and this year has been one of the most disruptive. Saint Albert the Great School has already had eight days off.

“Even if we had two days off we’d have to re-teach what was taught because it was done so long ago.”

But now the worry is how schools will make up for all of the lost days.

“We’re not sure. We think they may lose Easter Monday. They may lose a professional day and a retreat day.”

That’s at least four days that are already affecting plans for spring break.

“We were supposed to go to Arizona so I don’t know if we’re still going to go.”

But parents say making up days now is the option they prefer.

“They’re trying to not have this lap into Summer. I want them to have their Summer break. That’s the best thing for the kids.”

Schools in Delaware are considering extending their day by 30 minutes and New Jersey schools may have to hold class on Saturdays.

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