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By Steve Patterson

UPPER SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., (CBS) — We’ve heard wonderful stories of people helping people during the massive pileup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike that left 30 injured.

Several multi-vehicle crashes, involving as many as 100 cars and dozens of tractor-trailers stretched over several miles of icy highway, shut down the turnpike for most of the day Friday between Willow Grove and Bensalem, Pa. (See Related Story).

After eight hours of misery – a sight for sore eyes: headlights heading east.

But before about 4 p.m. Friday afternoon the eastbound turnpike looked more like this: like a parking lot.

“We couldn’t have asked to be in a better spot. The people have been super nice.”

Stranded commuters near the Second Street Pike overpass were shocked to look up and see Good Samaritans coming from all directions bringing pizza, burgers, pretzels, water, even chocolate.

“You tend to see the worst in people. Today we saw people climbing down hills, carrying food on their shoulder to people who are stuck here.”

Commuter Ashely Crandall walked from her stranded vehicle up the overpass to bring sandwiches back for people around her.

“We’re all just making good of a bad situation.”

She says despite being six months pregnant, she made the journey for others who helped her.

“Yeah, you do what you can, you know? Pay it forward I guess they say.”

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