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By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The circus opens tonight at the Wells Fargo Center, in South Philadelphia.

In advance of opening night in Philadelphia, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus held a preview today in Chinatown.

“This is a demonstration with some of my clown friends as well as the Chinese National Acrobatic Troupe,” said clown Asa Walker (second from right in photo, in dark blue vest).  ” Right now they’re doing hat juggling, but also you can see them riding bikes, riding unicycles, as well as some hoop diving during the show.”

(Kuznits:)   “What’s training like?”

(Walker:)  “The training is pretty intense.  We had a five-week to six-week build for this show, where you came in every day, morning to night.  Our clowns, this year especially, are very acrobatic.”

(Kuznits:)  “Would you say that everybody including the clowns — you guys look pretty fit — are like athletes?”

(Walker:)  “Absolutely! I would say circus is very close to athletics in that way.”

The circus is in town through Sunday.

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