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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A little Alberta clipper has a Sunday afternoon trip planned for the Delaware Valley. It is packing light, with a relatively measly 1–3″ of snow expected. For this overpacked snowy winter, that is the equivalent of only taking a T-shirt and a pair of jeans on a vacation.

The system is typically clipper-moisture-starved, which spares us too much, if any, shoveling.

Moving in from west to east, the snow starts falling this afternoon first in the Lehigh Valley and that area will be the first to see it go. The shore areas stay dry longest and wave good bye around midnight to the last of the departing snow.

Temperatures overnight are staying cold, which we all know by now can mean slipping and sliding on untreated surfaces. Monday morning’s commute should be uneventful on the major roads, as the snow will have ended in plenty of time for road crews to dump even more brine or salt on the highways.

Next up is cold.

Monday stays at or below freezing with wind chills in the teens, which become the actual temperature by nighttime.

Tuesday is very cold, even colder in fact, with highs in the 20’s and lows around 10 degrees.

Another storm system is popping up on some computer models, but at this point, the models are arguing about it. One says we get nothing but a scare and the other says any of a variety of precipitation types and amounts could arrive Wednesday night and the first part of Thursday.

Of course, with Valentine’s Day on Friday, it could be really cold and stormy if you forget to gift your loved one. Otherwise, partly sunny and about 40.

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