By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Ever since the Bridgegate probe began, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been the target of attacks from several high ranking Democrats. So it might surprise you that a local Democrat about to leave the political stage says he feels for the embattled governor.

Soon to be former Congressman Rob Andrews departs for the private sector in about a week with a house ethics probe into his personal travel still unconcluded.

He won’t compare that to what’s going on in Bridgegate, which is under scrutiny from both the state legislature and the US Attorney. But he believes Christie is in what Andrews calls a “vortex of bloodsport” right now.

“Where anything he says or does is going to be attacked because it’s good for ratings and I do empathize with it.”

It’s the kind of media driven thing that Andrews says, “doesn’t serve the country very well.”

He believes the issues that prompted his ethics investigation were politically driven, but has no complaints about how reporters handled it.

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