By Diana Rocco

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The heavy snow makes cleaning off cars difficult, forcing some to get creative in Manayunk on Pennsdale Street.

Shoveling was even more of a challenge, but it must be done before the slush freezes.

Jim Merritt says, “It’s pretty heavy, probably all slush building up on the bottom. It’s going to be really icy later.”

Main Street in Manayunk is passable, but the side roads are a different story. Many residents haven’t seen a plow and may not for some time, leaving drivers to take their chances with the steep hills.

Merritt adds, “It’s pretty treacherous coming up and down hills.”

But some businesses in Manayunk remained open, expecting crowds after a day of being snowed in.

And with no school today, kids like Madison Castrovillo seemed to enjoy the snow.

She exclaims, “It’s snowy and I’m off from school!”

The cleanup is also underway on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Center City.

Plows still spreading salt and cleaning side streets while loaders pile snow into to dump trucks to get it out of Center City before the next round of Winter 2014 already headed this way.

Into the evening Monday the arrival and departure boards at Philadelphia International Airport were still reading cancelations. Not what Jimmy Morrison and his buddy wanted to hear after flying in for the Super Bowl.

Now they’ll be spending the night in Atlanta and waiting to catch an early flight home to L.A. for work Tuesday.

“We don’t get in until 11, we’re supposed to start work at nine,” he said. ‘So we’re going to be a little late.”

This was the first of what may be three storms this week. Many are ready to leave the shovels behind, but with city roads still looking like this, Winter has definitely left its mark.

“I’m from San Diego, so I’m getting a little tired of it,” Johnny Poe of Manayunk said.

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