Drivers Scramble To Clean Their Cars Before Next Winter Storm Hits

By Cleve Bryan

BLACKWOOD, N.J.(CBS)–Scrub-a-dub-dub, there are cars everywhere in need of a tub.

With the sunshine not exactly gleaming off their salt covered vehicles, drivers lined up at Sparkles Car Wash in Blackwood, who was advertising $5.00 washes.

Bob Baumeister says, “I’m getting my car cleaned for my family.”

Sparkles had a tough January with snow and sub-freezing temperatures forcing the car wash to close down for 12 business days.

Owner Alisha Warfel says she’s grateful for a break in the weather so they can make up for lost income.

“Today it’s been a beautiful day so far, the sun came up and we became even busier than yesterday.”

Whether paying for a wash or doing it yourself, Warfel says it’s a bad idea to leave the salt on your car longer than necessary.

“Well because if you don’t get the salt off it corrodes the car, especially under-carriage if you don’t get that cleaned it affects your car.”

Happy to have a clean ride, South Jersey drivers can only hope the rest of the winter isn’t so cold or they’ll be back for clean sooner than they want.

Jane Daly says, “Oh I hate it, it’s horrible, horrible but that’s New Jersey, that’s the East Coast for ya!”

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