By Ian Bush

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — It’s not often that KYW Newsradio does a story about other radio stations, but there’s one in Havertown that deserves a listen when you’re in that part of Delaware County.

For 65 years, it’s been run by dedicated high school students.  And now they have gotten a boost from a big name in broadcasting.

Behind the mic is Emily Yacina (top photo).

“You’re listening to WHHS, 99.9 FM in stereo, and we are going to listen to some great music, a lot of great bands, so stay tuned.”

She’s a senior at Haverford High School, and the general manager of the station now using some of the same equipment that we use at KYW Newsradio.

“Two refurbished studios, two new consoles, two new computers, software that keeps us broadcasting 24/7,” says longtime WHHS faculty sponsor Ed Weiss, all thanks to a $10,000 grant from Philadelphia philanthropist and radio industry icon Kal Rudman and his wife, Lucille.

(Credit: Ian Bush)

(Credit: Ian Bush)

“Radio means a lot to these kids,” Weiss says.  “They understand it’s not a dying medium.  It’s where they can be creative.”

They can learn the ins and outs of being on air.  WHHS boasts alumni at real-world stations near and far.

And there’s lot of freedom in high school radio, Yacina adds — to a point:

“You can talk about anything you want to, but you can’t curse!”

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