By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Dom Giordano spoke with Montgomery County Deputy District Attorney Steve Latzer regarding a conclusion in the case against a family who illegally enrolled their kindergarten student in the Lower Moreland School District.

Latzer explained to Giordano that Hamlet Garcia and his father have pled guilty to, “defrauding the school district in an attempt to enroll your student improperly.”

“There’s a lot of misinformation about the case,” Latzer said detailing how the fraud was uncovered “it was actually one of the family members that called the school district to report that these people were not living in Moreland. The school district was simply reacting to that phone call and they’ve got an obligation to investigate these type of claims.”

Giordano asked Latzer why this case was worthy of prosecution, with him replying that, “it was more than just paperwork paper work submitted, it was an ongoing fraud against the school district using the grandfather and his address.”

“Nobody wants to arrest and prosecute and convict parents for sending their child to school, but it was really a last ditch effort. There was nothing else we could do. The school repeatedly attempted to resolve the situation, sit down with the Garcias and work something out,” Latzer said about efforts that were previously made to avoid this type of outcome.

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Latzer also explained, “That this was never viewed as a jail case. We never told the Garcias that we were seeking to put them in jail for what they had done. This was all about resolving the matter to the satisfaction of the school district and making sure the tuition was paid back.”

According to the plea agreement reached with Garcias, they will reimburse the school district with $10,753.

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