By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Next weekend, the eyes of the football world will be on North Jersey and Super Bowl 48.

State officials are issuing a couple warnings to people as the hoopla heats up.

So you want to go to the game but you don’t have a ticket? You’re scouring on line for the best deals. But like anything else, be careful with whom you deal.

Earl Kanefsky Director of New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs says, “ Before you turn over a personal check or money order, you’ve got to do everything you can to verify that the ticket you’re buying is in fact legitimate.”

And if it is, it won’t be cheap.

He recommends you stick with legit ticket brokers or web sites known to serve in that role and can verify what you’re buying.

You might want to also use a credit card. As for souvenirs, lots of people are selling them, licensed or not. But if you buy those on line, you might expose yourself to identity theft.

So again, be careful.

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