ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., (CBS) — Many are wisely choosing to stay indoors today, including those down the shore.

In Atlantic City, many are dealing as best as they can with this weather.

If there’s such a thing as the opposite of a beach day – this was it. Few ventured out on the Atlantic City boardwalk and it wasn’t much busier a few blocks away at The Walk outlet stores.

“It’s really cold, my nose gets really cold really fast,” a shopper said.

“It’s too, too cold, we’re about to go back to the hotel right now,” another shopper said.

While shoppers seemed to gravitate toward coffee shops, the ultimately warm up at the shore is at the pool at Harrah’s.

“You can look up and see the cold and you don’t have to feel it,” Cindy English, a Harrah’s hotel guest said.

English jumped at the chance to celebrate her friend Maureen Nolan’s birthday inside Harrah’s 82 degree dome.

“We were listening to the wind this morning it was howling and we were happy to be here,” Nolan said.

It wasn’t as much like Hawaii, but the city of Atlantic City also offered several warming stations.  The All Wars Memorial building and two other spots offered Red Cross blankets and toiletry kits.

“I mean it’s very cold outside and we try to do our part as a city to provide suitable surroundings for people on such a day like it is,” Bill Hadley, All Wars Memorial building coordinator said.

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