By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Is it illegal to rub a pregnant woman’s belly?

A man in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania was arrested after rubbing the tummy of a pregnant woman. For whatever reason, it seems to many pregnant women that their enlarged bellies have become irresistible force fields, drawing the touch of friends and strangers alike.

It’s not clear what makes people reach out and touch, but what is clear is that people do it all the time. So, is it illegal to rub a pregnant woman’s belly?

The answer is that no state has a law that specifically says that no one may touch the belly of a pregnant woman (although many pregnant women wish such a law existed, along with a law that makes it illegal under penalty of death to ask a pregnant woman “are you having twins?” No. This is what a pregnant woman looks like). But there are laws on the books in every state that makes unwanted touching by anyone of anyone illegal.

And, while most pregnant women will simply move away, for someone who just doesn’t get the message, particularly after repeated warnings, he faces the wrath of a hormonal pregnant woman and the law if he continues to harass her.

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