PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You’ll likely never see another game like it. The Lions and Eagles played in a surprise snow storm on Sunday, and luckily for the Eagles and their fans, the win will keep the memory of the memorable conditions a positive one.

Here’s what Eagles players had to say about playing in over six inches of snow.

Running Back Chris Polk

“No this is my first time, and definitely something I can tell my kids. I’m glad we won it.”

Chip Kelly on play calling in the snow

“It was interesting. It was really a couple times we thought we’d get some things going and we tried to stay out of the gun as much as we could. We had a drive there early in the second quarter and then all of a sudden we got back into the gun and the ball goes through Nick’s hands and you know we had some momentum going forward and then we go back, just trying to get our footing. I think it’s our ability to kind of get in and out and when you came out in the second half you were wondering what the weather was going to be like. It seemed like it calmed down a little bit. It wasn’t as bad as it was in the first half. So we felt like we could get it. The one thing is our receivers felt like they could get open. It was just whether we could actually catch a snap and throw it to them. For the weather, I thought Riley and DeSean did an unbelievable job considering the circumstances.”

Quarterback Nick Foles

“It was definitely different but I still feel like I mis-executed in the first half and I have to execute on certain plays. The other team was playing in the same environment so I know [QB] Matthew [Stafford] was playing with the same environment and he was throwing the ball. I knew it was one of those things where I would adjust to it and we would adjust as a team because the routes changed up a little bit because of the speed of them. When I was making throws I couldn’t really zip them, because if you zip them in that weather it is hard to see the ball and with the gloves or the hands it would slip right through, so it was it just adjusting to how I wanted to throw the ball. As the course of the game went on I got more and more comfortable with it and we all adjusted and made some big plays.”

“You are seeing a lot of white, a lot of snow coming down but you try to zone all of that out and focus on the team and what is going on. We got more and more comfortable as the game went on. We made some mistakes, but that is a football game. I am going to play, personally, as hard as I can with all that I have and my teammates are going to do the same. That is why we go so well together and we know we are going to make mistakes, but as long as you are going as hard as you can and you are learning through the course of the game.”

Running Back LeSean McCoy

“It was tough. To be honest, it was definitely tough. You just didn’t have the normal footing and traction that you get when stopping and cutting. Sometimes I couldn’t really plant. I can usually plant on a dime, but it all worked out. The guys were giving me so much room. Even on some of the tough yards when they were stopping me, I was getting about four [yards] a pop, so it worked out. I feel like it is a mental thing. Obviously it’s going to be tough because of the snow and the weather, but you don’t think about it when you’re running. If you think about it when you’re running, it sets you back a little bit.”

“I’ve actually played all of my football in Pennsylvania, and this is the worst game that I’ve ever played in weather-wise. It’s my best game too.”

Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson

“Never played in anything like that. I’ve never seen anything like that. Honestly, it was a great way to go out and play together as a team. We did some great things. We came back in the second half. I credit everyone in this locker room. We kept fighting all game long.”

“When you are a kid from California, you dream about playing in whether like this. It’s always sunny there and it barely rains. As a kid growing up you dream about playing in snow and having fun and slide around. From the start of the game to the end, it was crazy. We were able to whether our own storm and get it done. Everyone in this locker room deserves credit for this win. It’s a great, well deserved and much needed win.”

Tight End Brent Celek

“I will remember this game always. For it to start snowing as hard as it was in pregame, that was some of the hardest snow I have ever seen. I have been around a lot of snow. It just kept coming. It was accumulating so fast on the field. All they could do was brush off the lines. The difference between running where the lines were and running on the snow, I mean you had to kick the snow out of the way just to line up. It was crazy.

Wide Receiver Riley Cooper

“I think it was hard for everybody out there. It was hard for receivers to get in and out of breaks. It was tough for the DB’s to do the same. It was tough for both sides.”

“How could you be prepared for this? It was fun. It was a fun football game. Everybody thought it was so wild and crazy. We just had fun with it. It was like I was a little kid.”

Center Jason Kelce

“I’ve played in snow games, but never where it was that hard to grab the ground. Really to just see five yards in front of you in the first half was tough. It was a good job by everybody staying locked in, and really pushing throughout the game. Obviously in the second half we were able to get it going a little bit. When the snow slowed down, the footing got a little better.”

Linebacker Connor Barwin

“It was crazy. I‘ve played in some snow back in Detroit, but nothing like that. Not that much. Not with that much snow that piling up on the field. It was a great game and a lot of fun. Everyone did what they had to do to get the win.”

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