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By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles are rolling. If this was 2001, I would make a reference to Limp Bizkit. It’s 2013 actually, and I just made a reference to Limp Bizkit.

You know things are going well for the Eagles when I sat back for a moment after the win over the Cardinals and thought to myself, “you know, I think the Eagles are going to run the table.” Overconfident? Maybe. But what fun are sports if you can’t be ridiculous?

Gold Star – Nick Foles

He might have gotten away with a couple of interceptions, one saved by DeSean Jackson and another by a penalty, but you can nitpick all you want and find plays like that for any quarterback on any Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday). The fact is the guy keeps producing, and at the very least, keeps the ball out of harm’s way. Nineteen touchdown passes without an interception is one TD toss away from tying another NFL record held by Peyton Manning.

Now if he can only get that sliding things down (where have we heard that before?).

Demerit – The Brad Smith Wildcat

I know, I know, Chip Kelly said it wasn’t the wildcat formation. Well seeing Brad Smith behind center and Nick Foles lined up as a wide receiver. I guess technically he’s right, because Brad Smith is a quarterback, but come on man. We all want to see Chip Kelly be wacky, but this one brought back bad memories.

Gold Star – Donnie Jones

You know things are going well when you’re loving the punter too.

Demerit – The DeSean Jackson ‘Show ‘Em The Ball Taunt’ On A Touchdown That Didn’t Count

I’m all for taunting. I love taunting in any sport. I love any form of trash talk. And DeSean trash talk on a punt return is the best kind, even if he’s doing it while the play is still going on. But you’ve got to make sure the points are going to count before you start throwing it in their faces.

Gold Star – Trent Cole

He’s alive! He’s alllllliiiiiiiiiiive!

Many of us wrote off Trent Cole, including me. He’s been a beast the last two weeks, which is normally the part of the season we see Cole disappear.

Demerit – Carson Palmer

Two interceptions and a fumble. Just Carson Palmer being Carson Palmer, and we loved every minute of it.

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