By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you are planning to bury your beloved pet in your backyard, there are legal issues for you to consider.

New York State just passed a resolution allowing pet cemeteries to accept human remains so that the ashes of a pet’s owner can be buried with his beloved pet. And, while many humans would rather spend eternity with their pets than other humans, most pet owners choose to be buried in people cemeteries. But where those humans bury their pets is another issue entirely.

Because, while many pet owners automatically assume they will bury their pets in their own backyard, you need to know that in many states and municipalities it is actually illegal.

Now there are those who likely think: really? Is there a special police investigation unit that goes around digging up people’s gardens to find evidence of the crime of wanting your pet near you? Remember that those laws are not as dumb as they sound.

In addition to the usual property disputes and other human stupidities, animal remains – even those buried deeply – can attract wild animals to your property. If you thought your kids weren’t traumatized enough by your pet’s demise, imagine how they’ll feel if they see a wolf digging up Fido’s remains.

So, ask your vet about the local rules and the best practices so you and your pet can be sure he’s getting a comfortable resting place.

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