Jefferson Hospital Debuts State-Of-The-Art Concussion Center

Dr. Stephen Stache. (Credit: Michelle Durham)

Dr. Stephen Stache. (Credit: Michelle Durham)

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By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s a medical condition that has grabbed many recent headlines: concussion. Those who suffer from the head injury need specialized care and Jefferson’s new Comprehensive Concussion Center at the Philadelphia Navy Yard is filled with just that.

The state of the art facilities include sound-proof and dark rooms for those sensitive to light and sound. Rothman Institute sports medicine physician Dr. Stephen Stache, a member of the concussion team, says recovery depends on how the injury occurred and age of the patient.

“The child brain is not the same as the teenage brain which is not the same as the young adult brain. It’s susceptible to different phases of injury.”

In addition to Sports medicine the facility has physicians from Wills Eye Hospital, Jefferson Neurology, Jefferson Physical Therapy, Pediatricians from Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital. There are sound-proof rooms to conduct neuro-psych testing.

“Every concussion is unique and I try to come up with an individualized plan for that particular patient based on the symptoms they have experienced, where they are when they see me and what I can reasonably project on how they will recover.”

If the child’s brain can process and retain the information, then they are capable of learning in class. Dr. Stache says whether the patient is elderly every concussion is different.

Dr. Stache the key to concussion treatment is rest. Physical rest and brain rest with no television, texting, computers, electronic games are crucial to recovery.

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