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By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Back in January, I mentioned I was growing celery on my windowsill. Several people wrote to say they tried it too – putting a celery stump in a saucer of water until it grew leaves and roots – with varying success, including Bruce who wrote for tips and said he was going to try again.

I tried again too. I restarted with two stumps of celery on the same day – one of which flourished while the other flopped. I have no explanation why, except that – as with so many things in gardening and life – don’t overestimate your power.

It isn’t always what you do or don’t do. Even if the sun and water are exactly the same, plants are different, sometimes things don’t thrive and just die – so, try again.

When it got warm, I planted my successful celery outside in a pot so I’ve been using its leaves all summer for soup. I just cut the last of it, about 7 inches tall by now, and I’ll put the pot in the garage for winter. Will it wither, or regrow in the spring? We’ll see.

Stay tuned for more of the fascinating story of my celery stumps.

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