By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan, who heads the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homeland Security Unit, tells CBS 3 his staff will meet with city and federal officials later this week to determine if improvements will be made to security at Philadelphia International Airport following the deadly attack Friday at Los Angeles International Airport.

Chief Sullivan says while the department is well prepared to handle an “active shooter” or other emergency, it’s possible lessons learned from the shooting which left a TSA Officer dead, and three other victims wounded, could lead to changes here.

“I’ve organized a meeting towards the end of the week. We’re going to carefully examine our operation at International Airport and make whatever improvements we can.”

CBS News Correspondent John Miller notes of the LAX shooting, “It appears that some of the people who were wounded in this, who were not TSA employees, were just hit by stray bullets that were aimed at the TSA employees.”

Philadelphia officers, with “active shooter” training, have long protected all seven TSA checkpoints at Philadelphia International Airport, other officers deployed at curbside for departures and arrivals. K-9 units and cameras are also a major part of the protection.

Chief Inspector Sullivan says his officers are very aware that TSA officers are mourning the loss of a brother officer and will do everything possible to ease any concerns they might have about a similar attack here.

Chief Sullivan assures, “We’re positioned and well-prepared and ready to respond to an active shooter or any kind of emergency at the airport.”

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