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By Walt Hunter

UPPER CHICHESTER, Pa., (CBS) – A little league football coach in Delaware County has been arrested and charged with beating a fellow coach in the middle of a game.

From the football field to a prison cell, youth football coach Larry Simpson is now criminally charged, arrested Thursday in Upper Chichester and accused of hitting a rival coach, hitting him so hard, that he suffered a fractured jaw.

Simpson provided no answers as he was marched to a prison cell in handcuffs following arraignment, charged with beating rival coach Lamar Shaw, shattering his jaw, during a fight at a Delaware County Youth Football League Game Saturday night.

“He has a break here and here. He’s had surgery done. They had to, he had so much shattering of the bones and everything, they had to fix everything back,” Shaw’s mother Margaret Hunter said.

Shaw’s mother says the beating has left her 25-year-old son, coach of the Chichester Crusaders, hospitalized in great pain from injuries.

“My son’s a positive, positive role model and he doesn’t deserve this,” Hunter said.

Investigators say Simpson, coach of the Claymont Falcons, beat Shaw repeatedly in the head as he laid face down, upset, because some players had been tossed out of the game by the referees.

“During the game, two kids or several kids were ejected from it for some sort of altercation on the field. They were involved a little bit with the ref and they had disagreements on the kids ejected,” Detective Christopher Jones of Upper Chichester Police said.

Simpson’s alleged violence actions were witnessed, police say, by many of the 14 and 15-year-olds he was coaching – the players for whom, officials say, he was supposed to be a role model.

“A situation for this to happen to Lamar it is an outrage and our thoughts and prayers on behalf of the Crusaders organization go out his family,” Jeff Renzi, league official said.

Mr. Shaw remains hospitalized, awaiting further medical treatment.

Simpson is still behind bars, in lieu of $75,000 bail.

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