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By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Prepping the lawn and garden for fall and winter is important, but doesn’t need to be expensive.  3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan offers up some expert advice for getting landscaping ready to weather the cold.

Fall is a key season for maintaining lawns and plants, and preparing them for colder weather.

Professional landscaper Bruce Allentuck says applying mulch in the fall can carry plants through the winter.

“When it’s cold out, we can put jackets on, the plants cant. A little layer of mulch will protect the tender roots, and help them keep growing during the winter, which will lead to good plants in the spring, healthier plants,” said Allentuck.

Pruning plants like rose bushes can keep branches from becoming weighted down with leaves and snow later.

When temperatures really begin to dip, cover sensitive trees, shrubs and plants with a material like burlap ahead of frost.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean leave it on all the time, just when temperatures are going to dip, you know, below the 30s, mid 30s, early, low 30s, 20s, around there,” said Allentuck.

Despite colder temperatures, plants still need protection from insects.

“Some of the insect pests that we have are laying their eggs, and they’re over wintering, so spraying with horticultural oils will suffocate those and limit the infestation for spring as well,” said Allentuck.

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