By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Last week, there wasn’t a quarterback controversy, there was a quarterback disagreement. There was a quarterback conversation.

This week, we have a full-on, overdrive, out of control, quarterback controversy baby! That’s what I’m talking about. Thank you Nick Foles! Thank you Chip Kelly! Thank you Easter Bunny!

Gold Star – Nick Foles

Nick Foles walked into that game with a “what do you mean I can’t throw the deep ball” chip on his shoulder, and sent a message to the haters (that’s me). That message is this: it may take forever to get there. It may go 100 feet in the air. But I’m going to throw that deep ball and I’m going to throw touchdown passes.

Foles was impressive to say the least, 22-31 for 296 yards and three touchdowns. Foles even rushed for a touchdown, to send another message to the haters (me).

Will he start against the Cowboys? Luckily we get an entire week to argue about it!

Demerit – The Entire Eagles Defense

It’s tough to single anyone out in this respect, given the deficiencies almost everywhere.

The front seven doesn’t get any push. The secondary can’t cover anyone, and the linebackers allow tight ends to go wherever they want, whenever they want.

They made one of the league’s worst offenses look like a bit of a threat, and made a rookie quarterback look like… a good rookie quarterback.

Gold Star – LeSean McCoy

After a less than stellar performance against the New York Giants, one in which the Eagles looked like they had no idea how to run the ball without Vick in there, McCoy came back with a steady-as-she-goes incredible performance.

He also threw in a 44-yard reception on a screen pass that brought back memories of McNabb to Westbrook.

It was nice to have you back, Shady.

Demerit – MRSA

A disease I hadn’t heard of before Friday, all of a sudden threatened whether the game would even be played.

I mean let’s be honest, there was no way the NFL wasn’t going to play that game on Sunday, but the fact that it was brought into question at all is pretty amazing.

Gold Star – DeSean Jackson

I’m an admitted DeSean Jackson doubter. I’ve said many times this season that as soon as Jackson gets hit hard, we’ll see a return to the disappearing act we saw over the last couple of seasons.

Seems I was wrong.

What DeSean Jackson is showing me, and everyone else, is that if he can’t be caught, then he can’t be hit.

Demerit – Trent Cole

The one guy who is going to get singled out in this defense is the guy who you didn’t notice.

Trent Cole is not a great fit for what they’re running defensively, but even so, he’s been tough to watch. That’s if you’ve seen him at all.

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