By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Andy Reid returned to Lincoln Financial Field last night, and brought the 2012 Eagles with him.

Turnovers, confusion, disaster. The Eagles were pretty terrible last night, and made staying up until midnight on a weeknight an even more miserable experience than it would normally be.

And I want to be clear, the Eagles were terrible, but how many times do we have to watch awful Thursday night games before the NFL thinks that maybe, just maybe, they’re a bad idea? Never, probably.

Gold Star – LeSean McCoy

When McCoy went down holding his right leg, it sucked the life out of Philadelphia like you wouldn’t believe. Well, you would probably believe, because you were probably one of the people whose life was sucked out.

But before and after the injury, McCoy was exceptional again. He was the player that was supposed to benefit most from Chip Kelly’s arrival, and he has.

Though it’s unlikely to really happen, it’s interesting to note that if McCoy kept up this pace, he’d break the all time yards record for a running back in the NFL (credit, WIP producer Mike Angelina for the math).

Demerit – Michael Vick

Hey look, it’s the bad Michael Vick! I knew he was in there somewhere.

The Chiefs defense is one that mixes up its looks, and tries to confuse the other team, and boy did they ever to Vick. They’ve got great personnel, and they’re schemed well on top of it. In some ways, it’s like the defense version of Kelly’s offense.

Vick turned the  ball over, made bad choices, and overall just looked off. Let’s hope it’s an anomaly.

Gold Star – Vinny Curry

In his first game action of the season, Curry did what most people figured he could, pressure the quarterback.

We’ll never know if there was a reason beyond game play itself that made it take three weeks to activate Curry, but let’s hope it’s solved.

Demerit – Eagles Offensive Line

Kelce’s snap mishaps were one thing. He’s got that thumb injury, so I can understand that.

But Jason Peters and Lane Johnson got beat up and down the field last night. Maybe they’re worn out from three games in 11 days, but they looked terrible.

Gold Star – Donovan McNabb

Number five will always love you! Classic Donovan.

Demerit – Nate Allen and Patrick Chung

I hate picking on Nate Allen anymore, because it’s not his fault he’s Nate Allen.

But seriously, how bad is Patrick Chung? It says right here that he’s 26 years old, but he moves like he’s 20 years older than that.

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