NEWARK, Del., (CBS) — Police say three people were arrested as officers dispersed a disorderly crowd of several thousand people after a party in Newark Monday night.

Newark Police say officers responded to a disorderly party in the 400 block of South College Avenue and observed over a thousand people in the area and a DJ that was set up in the backyard of the house.

“Before you know it, there had to be 2,000 students like out at this one house just rioting down South College,” said a student.

According to police, multiple subjects were urinating in public and trespassing through other yards in the area.

The officers noticed that the crowd was a bit larger than your typical college party. They cleared the party out at the residence. They arrested both the residents for disorderly premises and some other related charges,” said Cpl. James Spadola. Police say the two residents are University of Delaware students.

While officers were dispersing the disorderly crowd, police say the mob began blocking traffic on South College Avenue and walking on the hoods of cars.

“Everybody was screaming, hitting cars, people behind us were videotaping it,” said one student.  His car was damaged during the incident. “People started walking all over the car. All you hear is dents in the car.”

According to police, officers observed a person with a camera that was causing the crowd to swell around it and act even more disorderly.  After failing to disperse, police say officers took the cameraman into custody without incident.  

Police say the crowd continued onto Main Street and swelled to several thousand people that were blocking traffic and walking on cars.

About 75 officers from the University of Delaware Police, New Castle County Police and Delaware State Police responded to the scene to assist with dispersing the crowd.

Property damage consisted of several damaged cars, knocked down trash cans, and damaged signs, according to police.  A complete tally of damaged property is not available at this time.

No injuries were reported.

Police say the investigation into this incident is on-going and more charges may follow.

The University of Delaware Office of Student Conduct is holding an emergency hearing for the two students arrested in this incident, according to police.

On Tuesday, President Patrick T. Harker and Provost Domenico Grasso sent a letter to students about Sept. 9 incident:

Last night, a group of disorderly University of Delaware students took to the streets of Newark, causing damage, engaging in high-risk behavior and endangering their well being and others. 

Make no mistake—this behavior will not be tolerated at the University of Delaware. 

Through the UD Police Department, local law enforcement and the University’s Office of Student Conduct, the University takes quick and firm action on violations of its Code of Conduct. Students who violate the Code risk sanctions including expulsion. The University is working closely with the Newark Police Department to ensure that those responsible for last night’s incident are held accountable.

To be sure, the vast majority of students did not and would not participate in such an embarrassing, dangerous and costly episode. The few who did have cast a negative light on the University as a whole and on the character of our community. 

The privilege of being a University of Delaware student brings with it responsibilities and opportunities. You are part of the accomplishments that span our distinguished history and extend around the world. This is not only a matter of institutional reputation, but one of personal integrity.  Let’s work together to make sure this is an institution where all can feel safe and in which all can take pride. 

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