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Eagles Fans Are Third Most Mentally Stable In The NFL

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Reasonable and stable are two things that Eagles fans have never been accused of being. It seems keeping a level head is something birds fans should get more credit for.

According to a study from Emory University, Eagles fans are the third “most stable” fanbase on Twitter.

We measured “stability” by looking at the difference between average sentiment after wins and average sentiment after losses,” the study says. “We used Twitter data to describe fan base reactions to team wins and losses during the sixteen-game 2012 NFL Regular season.”

The Colts had the most stable fanbase in the NFL, followed by the Cowboys and the Eagles.

“The Philadelphia Eagles’ fan base is an interesting story. It may be surprising to many to see them in the list of “stable” fans,” the study says.  “A better moniker for these fans in 2012 might be “resigned”. It seems that as Philly began to lose more games, fans started to look forward to the next season, and a new head coach. A majority of the fan tweets after a game were about changes for the next season, and not about the most recent loss.”

The title of most unstable fanbase goes to that of the Oakland Raiders, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patriots, the Detroit Lions and the New Orleans Saints.

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