PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The WIP Morning Show announced their Winners and Weasels for the week of August 2nd, 2013.

Angelo’s winner = Darren Daulton, as Cataldi put it, “who is doing a tremendous job battling the ultimate villain, cancer.” Dutch will be present during the Phillies Alumni weekend.

Angelo’s weasel = Jonathan Papelbon for blowing his 6th save last night, and saying he “definitely didn’t come here for this” after a loss on Sunday.

Caller winner (approved by Rhea Hughes) = Caller John for ripping Al who defended Ruben Amaro Jr. for not making any moves. John said, “I mean you [Al] and Ruben are like a chick at the club waiting for a sports athlete to come pick you up. He’s not coming tonight man. It’s over! You got to settle for the guy at Kinkos!” (audio attached)

John also proposed this week to his girlfriend, as if you needed a better reason than ripping Al.

Caller weasel (approved by Al Morganti) = Jimmy Rollins for saying, “There are still a couple things I would like to be number one on the lists of in this organization, so until those things are done, I’m not going anywhere.”

Listen to the WIP Morning Show announce Winners and Weasels:

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