By Natasha Brown

By Natasha Brown

WYOMISSING, Pa, (CBS) – She’s a pop sensation with millions of fans around the world, but for megastar Taylor Swift, it all started right here in this house in Berks County.

“This was Taylor Swift’s bedroom when she stayed in this house,” said real estate agent Lisa Tiger.

This six bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, classical revival-style home is where Swift grew up before moving to Nashville with her family to pursue her singing career.  Real estate agent Lisa Tiger shows us how Taylor began the road to greatness in many of these rooms.

“This is the study where I understand Taylor wrote one of her first songs. This is the playroom where Taylor and her brother would have sleepovers,” said Tiger.

The three-story home near Reading, Pa. has been completely renovated, but reminders of Swift’s presence are vivid in what used to be her bedroom.

“This is the picture taken that she used for her first album cover,” said Tiger.

The house went on the market more than a month ago with realtors not shying away from using Swift’s name as a selling point.

“It’s been showing like hotcakes and just yesterday we had someone step up to the plate and make an offer,” said Tiger.

When asked how much she was asking, Tiger said, “$799,000.”

The fact that this was Taylor Swift’s childhood home only helped to speed along the sale of the home. It was only on the market 44 days with the new owners expected to move in by the end of August.

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