By Diana Rocco

BENSALEM, Pa., (CBS) – The pictures captured what looks to be a furry creature running through Buck County neighborhoods. The problem is the fur seems to be missing.

“It was bigger than a cat, way bigger than a cat and stood about this high,” said Mike Conway of Bensalem.

Conway saw the creature twice within the last few weeks running through his Bensalem backyard.

“Long legs. No fur. Scrawny tail. All of the hair was gone,” he said.

The first time, a few weeks ago, he was in bed and the motion light went off. He got up to see the fox in his side yard. Then, this past weekend, he caught him cutting through the yard again during the afternoon. This time he stopped.

“We had a face off, then he turned and went into the woods,” he said.

The fox – or one like this  – was also spotted in Lower Southampton Township last week. The homeowner took pictures.

Fish and Game think the fox may be suffering from “mange,” a skin disease caused by mites that cause the fur to fall out, which can be contagious for animals. Neighbors say foxes have come around before, but not like this.

“We had a family of foxes, five little babies. They were beautiful looking animals. This wasn’t a beautiful looking animal,” said Conway.

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