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Stigall Show Log 7.2.13

6:12 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has put together a shore playlist.

6:16 Travel and Leisure listed Philadelphia as the 14th most snobbiest cities in the country.

6:50 Americans are still split on their opinions in regard to gay marriage.

7:21 The porn industry is fighting to use the Supreme Court’s ruling on Prop 8 and DOMA to defeat a condom mandate.

8:22 David Freddoso compares Kermit Gosnell to Wendy Davis.

8:40 Chris talks with Navy Vice Admiral Nanette Derenzi about military and international law, as well as the process of becoming a lawyer with the Navy.

8:58 CNN accidentally aired much of George Zimmerman’s personal information, including his social security number and address.

9:08 Chris talks to Daily News Reporter Jason Nark about his piece on the popularity of country music in Philadelphia.

9:23 Paul Deen is trying to get a case against her dismissed by introducing the ruling by the Supreme Court in the Prop 8 case.

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    […] Stigall Show Log 7.2.13Chris analyzes the popularity of country music in the Delaware Valley, Philadelphia’s place on the list of snobbiest cities in the country, and the split opinion’s of American’s on gay marriage. He also speaks with Navy Vice Admiral Nanette Derenzi about and Inquirer Reporter Jason Nark. […]

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