By Jay Lloyd

GEORGETOWN, Md. (CBS) — Celebration of the War of 1812 bicentennial continues next month with a rousing getaway weekend at Georgetown, on Maryland’s eastern shore, to celebrate the woman who stopped a British admiral in his tracks.

Was Miss Kitty Knight a socialite, or a tart who had a way with British officers bent on burning Georgetown and Fredericktown, Maryland?

John Carroll, who is directing a weekend of activities based on the legend of Kitty Knight, believes she was all fire and brimstone.

“She was a strong-willed woman of her time,” Carroll says.  “As the rest of the town was destroyed, she saved her home and the home of her neighbor.”

(Georgetown Harbor.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

(Georgetown Harbor. Credit: Jay Lloyd)


As legend goes, Knight faced down a British admiral whose ship was anchored within sight of what is now the Kitty Knight house (top photo).

It’s the center of the fun from May 3rd to 5th.  There will be a period costume ball, harbor cruises, a nearby beer garden, and the finale: a reenactment.

“The British will be coming up with their swords and torches, townspeople will be running for their lives,” Carroll says.

And then Kitty Knight steps in!

It should be a blast.  Check the events at

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