By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Phillies haven’t had a great start to the 2013 season. At 6-7, the bats have gone silent of late, the starting pitching hasn’t been as good as many expected, and the bullpen hasn’t been a strength either.

Perhaps because of the slow start, Charlie Manuel is the favorite to be the first manager fired in Major League Baseball this year, according to Bovada, an offshore sports book. Manuel is 4/1 to be the first one let go, followed by Bud Black at 9/2, and Ron Gardenhire at 5/1.

Manuel is in the last year of his contract, and Ryne Sandberg has often been considered to be the “manager in waiting” for the Philies.

The slow start has dropped the Phillies odds to win the World Series to 30/1. The Detroit Tigers are the favorite at 7/1, and the Braves are now second most likely at 15/2.

The Phillies are 15/1 odds to win the National League title, and 13/2 to win the NL East.

Complete list of Bovada odds:

Who will be the first manager to be fired?     
Charlie Manuel                           4/1
Bud Black                                 9/2
Ron Gardenhire                         5/1
Ron Roenicke                           7/1
Joe Girardi                                15/2
Eric Wedge                               8/1
Ned Yost                                  9/1
Terry Collins                              10/1
Clint Hurdle                               10/1
Mike Scioscia                           12/1
John Gibbons                           20/1
Odds to win the 2013 World Series     
Detroit Tigers                            7/1
Atlanta Braves                           15/2
Washington Nationals                8/1
Los Angeles Dodgers                10/1
Los Angeles Angels                  12/1
San Francisco Giants                12/1
Toronto Blue Jays                     12/1
Cincinnati Reds                         14/1
Texas Rangers                          14/1
Oakland Athletics                      16/1
St. Louis Cardinals                    16/1
Boston Red Sox                       20/1
New York Yankees                    20/1
Baltimore Orioles                       25/1
Tampa Bay Rays                       28/1
Philadelphia Phillies                   30/1
Arizona Diamondbacks              33/1
Kansas City Royals                   40/1
Chicago White Sox                    50/1
Colorado Rockies                     50/1
Cleveland Indians                      66/1
New York Mets                          66/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                      66/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    100/1
Minnesota Twins                        100/1
Seattle Mariners                        100/1
Chicago Cubs                           150/1
San Diego Padres                     150/1
Houston Astros                         500/1
Miami Marlins                            1000/1
Odds to win the 2013 AL Pennant       
Detroit Tigers                            4/1
Los Angeles Angels                  5/1
Texas Rangers                          13/2
Toronto Blue Jays                     13/2
Oakland Athletics                      8/1
Boston Red Sox                       10/1
New York Yankees                    10/1
Baltimore Orioles                       12/1
Tampa Bay Rays                       14/1
Kansas City Royals                   18/1
Chicago White Sox                    22/1
Cleveland Indians                      25/1
Minnesota Twins                        50/1
Seattle Mariners                        50/1
Houston Astros                         200/1
Odds to win the 2013 NL Pennant       
Atlanta Braves                           7/2
Washington Nationals                4/1
Los Angeles Dodgers                9/2
Cincinnati Reds                         6/1
San Francisco Giants                6/1
St. Louis Cardinals                    8/1
Philadelphia Phillies                   15/1
Arizona Diamondbacks              16/1
Colorado Rockies                     25/1
New York Mets                          33/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                      33/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    40/1
Chicago Cubs                           66/1
San Diego Padres                     75/1
Miami Marlins                            350/1
Odds to Win the 2013 AL East 
Toronto Blue Jays                     5/2
Boston Red Sox                       11/4
New York Yankees                    3/1
Baltimore Orioles                       9/2
Tampa Bay Rays                       9/2
Odds to Win the 2013 AL Central        
Detroit Tigers                            2/7
Kansas City Royals                   11/2
Cleveland Indians                      9/1
Chicago White Sox                    12/1
Minnesota Twins                        20/1
Odds to Win the 2013 AL West
Oakland Athletics                      9/5
Texas Rangers                          7/4
Los Angeles Angels                  7/4
Seattle Mariners                        18/1
Houston Astros                         200/1
Odds to Win the 2013 NL East             
Atlanta Braves                           1/1
Washington Nationals                6/5
Philadelphia Phillies                   13/2
New York Mets                          12/1
Miami Marlins                            200/1
Odds to Win the 2013 NL Central        
Cincinnati Reds                         10/11
St. Louis Cardinals                    7/5
Pittsburgh Pirates                      7/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    18/1
Chicago Cubs                           25/1
Odds to Win the 2013 NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers                7/5
San Francisco Giants                7/5
Arizona Diamondbacks              9/2
Colorado Rockies                     7/1
San Diego Padres                     40/1
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