By David Madden

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa., (CBS) – Officials in the Downingtown Area School District are breathing a sigh of relief after getting back more than a half million dollars someone hacked out of their local bank account.

Earlier this week, a discrepancy was found in the account with Downingtown National Bank. Law enforcement stepped in, and discovered the money was moved overseas through three separate wire transfers. District Superintendent Dr. Lawrence Mussoline got some good news two days after the theft was uncovered.

“All of the Downingtown Area School District funds, $665,000, have been located from these foreign accounts and returned to district coffers,” said Mussoline.

The FBI is heading up the probe into finding whoever pulled off what everyone here admits was a very sophisticated crime. And Mussoline says this experience should be a warning to anyone to keep a close eye on their own bank account.

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