By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Consistency is a primary factor when training and modifying the behavior of your dog. Second to that is cooperation of everyone involved. It’s crucial for the success of your dog that everyone in the household follow the same new routine with your dog as well.

For example, if you’re conditioning your dog not to jump up on you or your guests at the front door when arriving home, then everyone should help to follow the new routine with your dog. In this case, this means that playtime should never include calling your dog to physically jump up on you, because that only sends your dog mixed signals as to when this behavior is acceptable.

You never want to set your dog up for failure by promoting a behavior as acceptable one time and then unacceptable at another time. It’s not only completely unfair to your dog, but it will only serve to create confusion, stress and more unwanted behavior in the future. In this way, your dog will never begin to understand the appropriate behavior.

Your dog is eager to learn and to please you, so help your dog to succeed by staying consistent, praising each success along the way and having everyone in the household cooperate as well.

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