By Jericka Duncan

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. (CBS) – Windy and rainy conditions are what people in Kennett Square, Chester County dealt with Wednesday morning and afternoon.

“Don’t like it,” said Cindy Giannuario. “Wish it was spring. It’s too cold.”

“Right now it’s just wind and rain,” said UPS worker Charlie Rice. “I’m hoping that’s what it stays.”

Rice says he has been working with UPS for 28 years. He says weather is a big concern, especially when it snows.

Snow is still expected to hit this region.

PennDot crews spent Tuesday night brining the roads.

This kind of weather generally keeps people inside, but we did found a local couple having lunch at La Verona restaurant.

Weather is weather,” said Ralph Bruno. “You can’t tell it what to do. It does what it wants.”

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