Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Cruise Ship Tips

(A pleasant poolside chat aboard a cruise ship.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

(A pleasant poolside chat aboard a cruise ship. Credit: Jay Lloyd)

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By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Cruise ships have been getting a lot of attention lately -– mostly the bad kind.

But here are a few helpful hints to get more enjoyment and less stress from a cruising getaway.

Veteran cruise directors understand that many passengers could use a bit of a briefing before coming aboard.

“Guests can be naïve,” says John Ibraham.  “They haven’t been on a cruise before and they’re not sure how it all works.”

So, let’s look at a few things the brochures don’t cover.

Cruise ships are pretty stable (unless, like the Carnival Triumph, they lose power to the stabilizers — see related story).

Remember, the higher your deck, the more pronounced the roll.  So, choose a cabin above the waterline but on a lower deck.

The result of a tossing sea sounds better in French: mal de mer.  If you’re prone to seasickness, don’t forego the cruise, but ask your doctor about the anti-seasickness medication called scopalomine.  It works.

Now, on to something more pleasant: sun drenched beaches.

(Credit: Jay Lloyd)

(Credit: Jay Lloyd)

When cruising to the Caribbean, you’ll want to hit those beaches.  But carry bug repellent to deal with the sand fleas known as “no-see-ums.”

Wear shorts that double as a bathing suit, so you don’t have to go ashore with a change of clothes.   And pack some plastic baggies to keep your money and ID dry.


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