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By Jim Donovan: Let’s face it, if there is one “holiday” that strikes a nerve with couples whose relationship is on the rocks, it’s Valentine’s Day. All that romance-hype can be especially intense and hard to handle. Flowers and chocolates one day a year can’t work miracles for a relationship that’s off the tracks for the remaining 364.

Often we unleash our frustrations on those closest to us. Many times it’s a husband, wife, or partner that takes the brunt of it. So I wanted to let you know about a great deal being offered by the Council for Relationships. They offer a 3-session “Relationship Checkup” for $99.

The unique 3-session program provides a comprehensive assessment of relationship strengths and weaknesses, a structure for improving communication skills and balance within the relationship. This process will help couples understand the state of their relationship and give them a road map for how to improve.

If you find yourself ready to rip your partner’s head off, maybe a Relationship Checkup is in order. While this offer doesn’t include a dozen roses or a box of chocolates, you can find out more information by visiting this link:


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