When Is Too Soon To Give A Valentine’s Day Gift?

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Valentine’s Day is next week, but how soon in the relationship is too soon to buy a gift?

Folks have a range of opinions on when it’s appropriate to give your date a Valentine’s Day gift.

Man: “If you’re going to spend the day together, then a present, maybe something inexpensive, I think is always appropriate.”

Woman: “I think if you’re together for a year and you don’t get your significant other something for Valentine’s Day then you should be in trouble.”

Man: “I guess it all depends too, when you know you know.  You know, that’s what my aunt Lois used to say.  Granted, she’s had three divorces.”

Does the gift-giving expectation out pressure on this holiday?

Woman: “It’s love!  No, I don’t think love should be pressure.”
Reporter: “What if you don’t know if you love the person yet?”
Woman: “Well, you might like the person and if you like the person as a person than you don’t have to get something that says love you can get just a card that says I appreciate who you are!”

Reporter: “What’s the craziest thing you ever got anybody for Valentine’s Day?”
Man: “I made roses out of Victoria’s Secret undergarments and I brought those with a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses.”

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