Stigall Show Log 1.31.13

5:43 Governor Tom Corbett unveiled his plan yesterday to privatize the Liquor Control Board.

5:57 The man who hoaxed Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te’o told Dr. Phil he is gay and confused.

6:12 The F.B.I. raided an eye doctor alledged to have paid for New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s trip to the Dominican Republic.

7:10 Chris talks to Matt Brouillette from the Commonwealth Foundation about Governor Corbett’s attempt to privatize state owned liquor stores.

7:42 Former Vice-President Al Gore said that political ideology is engrained in D.N.A.

7:46 A toilet from one of Adoph Hilter’s yachts now resides at an auto repair shop in Florence, N.J.

8:10 Chris talks to Matt Boyle from Breitbart News, the journalist for first reported Senator Mendendez’s cohorting with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

8:40 Climate change is being blamed for the high murder rate in Chicago.

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