By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s hard to write the lede to this story without making some kind of half-clever quip about Chip Kelly, and the color Kelly Green. Does this mean I just did that?

In short, fans want the Eagles to switch back to Kelly Green, and have for years. The Chip Kelly hire, along with the overall refresh that the organization seems to desire, have just jump started the cause. You can find fans who aren’t all that passionate about it, but it’s hard to find any who disagree that a switch back to the lighter green would be a welcome change to the darker Midnight Green that the team adopted in 1996.

A fan who launched a Facebook page, urging the Eagles to go back to their old green has gone from about 25 likes a few weeks ago, to 819 as of Thursday morning.

Notorious Philadelphia sports Twitter personality CraneKicker posted an open letter to Jeffrey Lurie on the popular Philadelphia sports blog Zoo With Roy, begging (tastefully) for the change.

I’m sure you’ve seen the millions of kelly green jerseys and swag at Eagles home games over what the past 14 years or so. Hell you’ve even added all the “retro” stuff to the team store and catalog because well who doesn’t like to make money, although it appeared the Eagles were one of the later teams to jump back into that market. You fought the good fight on that front, Jeff, but in the end the dollars made too much sense lol pun kinda.

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The open letter from Cranekicker prompted a fan petition (sign it here), that as of Thursday morning has 4,337 signatures.

If the Eagles decide to make the change (do it, Jeffrey), it won’t be for the upcoming season, as the NFL requires a year’s notice to make such a change.

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