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Terry Madonna Criticizes Proposal To Outsource Lottery Contract

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The administration of Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett is trying to outsource the lottery contract to another country. The move is under fire from some state lawmakers and has attracted the attention of another public figure.

In a rare public analysis, veteran pollster Terry Madonna has questioned the awarding of the lottery contract to a company called Camelot which is run inside Britain. The most telling political problem, he says, for the Corbett Administration is that the company is owned in yet another country.

“It’s owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund. Put in another way, a Canadian company owns a British company that would operate Pennsylvania’s lottery,” Madonna explains. “Given all the gaming interest in PA are there no Pennsylvania companies that could operate the lottery keeping jobs here as well as the profits?”

Corbett Administration spokesman Eric Shirk says the deal is designed to bring more dollars to the lottery.


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