By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Got a cheap broom? It’s one of my favorite garden tools in winter, and mostly what I use it for this time of year is to free smaller shrubs from the snow. A really soft broom is a great way to gently brush the weight of the snow away so it doesn’t freeze on the branches or weigh them down and destroy the shape of your favorite shrubs.

I’m not talking about a beautiful handmade broom crafted of stiff natural straw that hates to get wet. I mean a really inexpensive broom like from the supermarket or a dollar store with plastic bristles – the kind that’s very bendy; because with a softer broom you can’t apply too much pressure, which could break frozen branches. If snow’s really deep, turn the broom around and use the handle to poke holes in the piles of snow to help dislodge them.

So, while the weather’s clear, go get a cheap broom or two to keep by both the front and back door. So, you always have one handy to rescue plants from winter snows without ruining your good broom.

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