By Ian Bush

By Technology Editor Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Better hold on tight to that smartphone. A study shows Philadelphia ranks the worst among big cities in this country when it comes to stolen and lost devices.

The research by the mobile security firm Lookout finds phones went missing most at body shops, churches, and pizza places in the city.

“They’re easy to take, and they’re very easy to resell as well. We see a lot of that in top markets,” says Stephen Ebbett, president of Protect Your Bubble, a gadget insurance company.

He of course suggests you buy such protection for your iPhone or Android, but there are other things you can do.

“Keep the cell phone out of sight as much as possible and particularly in large public places. I would advise people to keep the device in their hands as well.

Leaving it on tables or on shelves means it’s an arm’s reach away from you and could be a target,” Ebbett explains.

The wireless industry has a new registry to prevent re-activation of stolen devices, but thieves might not get that memo.

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